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Climate History

Nyngan (31.5625°S, 147.1924°E, 191m AMSL) set as my default location ›

  1. Last 7 days

    We're sorry, but there are no daily observations available for Nyngan

  2. Max temp history

    Nyngan maximum temp history (31.5625°S, 147.1924°E, 191m AMSL)
    Hottest ever this month 46.1° 12/01/2013
    Hottest this year 39.3° 14/01/2021
    Hottest this month 39.3° 14/01/2021
    Long term average 33.8°  
    Average this month 31.5°  
    Hottest January on record Avg. max. temp. 37.7° 2013
  3. Min temp history

    Nyngan minimum temp history (31.5625°S, 147.1924°E, 191m AMSL)
    Coldest ever 6.2° 12/01/2012
    Coldest this year 12.0° 17/01/2021
    Coldest this month 12.0° 17/01/2021
    Long term average 19.1°  
    Average this month 16.5°  
    Coldest January on record Avg. min. temp. 15.7° 1986
  4. Mean rainfall and temperature

    Mean rainfall and temperature